Your love and care for the dementia relative or patient is noticed and commended. So get some help for yourself and the one you care for by bringing in music therapy once a week or once a month.

Did your loved one play the piano once? Did he or she take piano lessons? Sing in a choir? Or sing the old hymns in church? Is that person's piano sitting there a now silent reminder of what he or she once loved?

I believe the music is still in there! I've seen it happen when I start playing the old hymns or the easy Bach or Chopin. The eyes light up, the memories come alive, and often the voice opens up to sing some long-ago remembered lyrics and melody.

I like watching connection happen, even in small ways. So I can come to your home or your establishment to play old hymns or simple classical melodies in ways that connect. Contract with me weekly or monthly, and your loved one(s) may remember again.

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