Piano Lessons with Wilma Zalabak

  • 30-minute Private Lessons - $104 per month (4 lessons)
  • 30-minute Private Lessons, two in family - $100 each, per month (4 lessons)
  • One-hour Private Lessons - $200 per month (4 lessons)
  • In effect September 1, 2016

Fee Policies:

  • All lesson fees are due on the first scheduled lesson day of each calendar month.
  • Fees may be paid by cash or check to Wilma Zalabak.
  • Students may be refused service if lesson fees are not paid by the second week of the calendar month.
  • Partial lesson payments are not accepted. (Pro-rating is possible for the initial month.)
  • There is a four-lesson minimum per month. Please see the Make-Up Policy, below.
  • A $10.00 late fee will be assessed to any account with a balance after the 15th of the month.


Books for Beginners may cost $20 to $30 for each child. Transfer students should bring all their current and immediately past books to the first lesson and expect to buy books also. Whenever I feel it would be helpful to buy another book, I discuss the plan with the parents before purchasing. Some small books I provide at no cost, with the simple request that you return them if you see them lying around after your child is finished with them. I recycle these.  As the student progresses you should expect to spend more on books and CDs, so as also to train the ear by listening.

Make-Up Policies:

  • If a student must miss a regularly scheduled lesson, he or she will be eligible for a make-up lesson only if the following procedures are observed:
  • At least 24 hours advance notice of the absence is provided to the instructor.
  • A valid reason for the cancellation is provided (illness, death in family, etc.).
  • Day, time, method, and even whether or not the make-up lesson will be given is entirely at the discretion of the instructor.
  • All make-ups must be taken within one month of the missed lesson date or the lesson is forfeited.
  • The instructor reserves the right to refuse all make-ups to students with excessive ineligible absences.